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About the CIEDR

The Centre for Innovative Education and Development Research is dedicated to Innovation Education and its Development and Serves as a central knowledge hub for all global education actors, providing a stream of resources, connections, and opportunities. And to surface the growing number of innovative approaches to improving education in low and middle-income countries.

CIEDR is associated with various Scientists, Educational Professionals, Research Scholars and Students who are wholeheartedly dedicated to research and development in the field of Education.CIEDR is a pioneer body committed to innovation with quality in the area of research which resulted in innovative revolution and sustainable development in the Educational research field. CIEDR is a unique platform where innovations & research interests will be supported and developed as per the mutual interests of researchers and scholars. Our platform has Professional leaders and it is associated with Universities, Organizations that connects proficient people with each other with a divine mission to work together as a wizard of Educational science for the betterment of society. CIEDR effectively connects various Educationalist and research scholars to exchange global innovation and act as a link between Researchers & Academicians. CIEDR Mission is to give global education practitioners the tools they need to expand their work, remain connected and share information, resources, and opportunities through our virtual platform. Various Activities at CIEDR enhances the abilities to raise awareness in the field of Education and associated developments. Provision of proactive solutions with the help of in-depth research by professionals and scientists to the emerging Education related issues around the world